Gift Baskets

Create A Basket 

Create your own gift basket, box or pail! 

  • Choose your container
  • Choose your items 
  • We arrange, fill, wrap, top with bow or ribbon & tag

We can ship or you can pick up in store when ready.   (Please allow us a 2 hour window if picking up in store)

If your gift is being shipped it is sometimes better to choose a box instead of basket.

We will ship baskets & will pack to help prevent shifting. We will also mark the box keep upright but we cannot control carrier handling. 

*If we are out of stock on an item we reserve the right to substitute with like items.

If you are not sure what to get just choose your spending limit and give us a brief description of the recipient (age, male, female, family, couple, like, dislikes, allergies, diabetic etc). We will create a basket to fit your budget.